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Grant Mechanical has been proudly serving Traverse City and Northern Michigan since 2010. No project is too big or too small for any of the experienced experts at Grant Mechanical. Together, Grant's professionals have over 60 years combined experience with Heating, Cooling and Ventilation in both commercial and residential settings. Employees of Grant, including Jesse Grant himself, prides themselves in doing every job right the first time! This saves you time, money and frustration often experienced with other HVAC "experts".

Dont get taken for granted, take it to GRANT MECHANICAL!


In the middle of a Northern Michigan winter with temperatures well below freezing – you can count on Grant Mechanical to come service your home’s failing heating system.

SINCE 2010

We’ve been servicing Traverse City, Michigan and the surrounding areas in Northern Michigan since 2010. We have tons of experience dealing with seasonal changes in home heating and cooling solutions.


You won’t ever be told “we dont sell that brand so we dont service it…” Grant Mechanical is a team of experts who have seen it all and know how to properly install, maintain and repair any heating and cooling system.


Hot Water Boilers at Grant Mechanical Traverse City MichiganWe offer a full line of boilers suitable for any situation from baseboard heat to in-floor heat and water heating capabilities. Grant Mechanical of Traverse City Michigan is state licensed to work on all boilers up to a one million BTU capacity. Whether you are looking for a new water heating system with a boiler or need repairs and maintenance done on your existing boiler water heating system, Grant Mechanical can handle it. We promise you will have hot water faster than ever before after a certified and professionally trained Grant Mechanical service technician finishes the job. Customer satisfaction is our number one guarantee.

Have boiler problems but dont know exactly what the issue is? Grant Mechanical of Traverse City Michigan would be more than happy to help. Whether its a small ignition issue or a bigger, more time consuming problem, feel confident that Grant will get it done as efficiently and cost effective as possible. Grant does top-quality work and always leaves a job in a better situation than it was found in. Work done by Grant means less service calls and less money over your water heating equipment’s lifetime.


Geothermal Systems by Grant Mechanical of Traverse City MichiganSick of paying high utility bills? Ask how geothermal can save you money. Geothermal is the most efficient way to heat and cool your home and Grant Mechanical of Traverse City Michigan is proud to be experts in Residential Geothermal systems.

Why switch to a geothermal heating and cooling system?
Many reasons, many benefits. Before the benefits and efficiency improvements, it helps to understand what geothermal actually is. Geothermal energy is a renewable, clean and sustainable resource. Everywhere on Earth, the upper levels of the Earth’s surface remain a nearly constant temperature between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. A geothermal system taps into the ground and pulls heat up from the ground in cooler seasons. This same system can also be used for cooling as the ground will be cooler than the atmosphere in warmer seasons. A geothermal heat pump is used to pump water through the ground to a hot water source to return back to your building to heat clean water or to heat air. The same concept is used for cooling. Call Grant Mechanical today to talk with an expert about upgrading your home with a brand new geothermal system.

Hydronic Heat

Hydronic Heating Systems by Grant Mechanical Traverse City MichiganThere is nothing like warm tile and concrete floors in the winter. The ultimate in luxury heating radiant heat is more efficient than forced air and delivers the highest level of comfort. Grant Mechanical of Traverse City Michigan has years of professional experience with hydronic heat systems.

What exactly is hydronic heat?
Basically, hydronic heat systems are an energy efficient way of heating certain things around your home. A heat pump is used to pump hot water through pipes within your hard floor, towel rails, floor slabs and even in-ground swimming pools. Think of this like the oldstyle radiators you might find in some older homes or buildings.

Furnace Service

Furnace Repair and Sales Grant Mechanical Traverse City MichiganGrant Mechanical of Traverse City, Michigan offers 24-hour emergency service servicing all makes and models of HVAC equipment. We will never tell you “we do not service what we don’t install”. We will gladly service all equipment with years of experience on our side. We also offer service contracts. Don’t be caught going years without maintenance and ending up with a catastrophic furnace failure due to lack of attention. Whether you are in need of a new furnace and duct-work system or maintenance on your existing setup, Grant Mechanical is the company that will leave you feeling confident you had the best service done with honest, top-quality results.

Residential Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps Grant Mechanical Traverse City MichiganAir to air heat pumps are a cost-effective way to efficiently heat and cool your home. Stop paying the propane company high utility bills. Grant Mechanical in Traverse City, Michigan favors residential heat pumps for Northern Michigan homes. Heat pumps are part of the ‘central air’ unit outside. When the weather is hot, use the pump to cool your home. When the weather is cool, the pump pumps heat. Highly, verstile and ideal for Northern Michigan seasons.

Commercial Heating & Cooling

Commercial Heating and Cooling done by Grant Mechanical Traverse City MichiganOn a much larger scale comes Commercial Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. We recognize the importance of properly functioning equipment. Your inventory could be at risk if not properly climate controlled. We offer prompt service to meet the demand of commercial HVAC for Traverse City Michigan businesses and the surround areas in Northern Michigan.

Cost & Efficiency Improvements

Mini-splits, geothermal, air to air heat pumps all use refrigeration technology to provide the most efficient way to heat and cool your home. While these modern systems may cost more initially, they will save you boat-loads of money in the long term.

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