Mitsubishi Ductless Systems

Heating And Air Conditioning Solutions For Any Space
Numerous dependable heating systems are available to guarantee coziness throughout the chilly seasons. Among the favored and effective choices is ductless HVAC heating, which offers comfortable warmth to a residence without requiring any ductwork.
Mitsubishi Ductless Systems by Grant Mechanical


Mitsubishi Electric Home Office Solutions

Home Office

Does your home office get too hot when occupied? Cool down quickly without over-cooling the rest of the house with one of the many Mitsubishi Electric ductless mini-split options available.
Mitsubishi Electric HVAC Solutions for All Electric Homes

All Electric Home

The missing piece of an all-electric home is a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump that provides reliable heating and cooling, even in freezing climates, which replaces the need for burning fuel.
Basement HVAC Solutions by Mitsubishi Electric - Installed by Grant Mechanical!


Ready to refinish your basement? Mitsubishi Electric ductless heat pumps can be added with little to no ductwork, giving you full use of your fresh, new space.
Bedroom HVAC Solutions by Mitsubishi Electric and Grant Mechanical

Bedroom thats Too Hot or Too Cold

Sleep easier with the perfect temperature. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners and heat pumps can be used to customize the temperature of any room by replacing or supplementing the existing system.
HVAC solutions for boiler heated homes by Mitsubishi Electric and Grant Mechanical

Boiler Heated Home

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps can replace or supplement boiler systems for improved comfort and reduced energy bills, and you can do it all with no new ductwork.
Exercise Room HVAC Solutions

Exercise Room

Cool down your home gym quicker, remove more humidity and enjoy cleaner, fresher air without affecting the temperature of the rest of the house.
Garage HVAC Solutions by Grant Mechanical and Mitsubishi Electric


Turn your garage into an oasis of comfort. Whether for work, play or treasure preservation, Mitsubishi Electric Heating & Air Conditioning Systems heat or cool your garage without affecting the rest of your home.

Home Additions

Grant Mechanical can install your ductless mini-split system quickly and with minimal disruption by only creating a small opening to connect the indoor and outdoor units.

A Quiet HVAC Solution

Trust our whisper-quiet ductless or ducted indoor units to provide high-performance heating and cooling with advanced filtration for healthier air. So everyone can sleep better.

A Home Without Ductwork

No ductwork? No problem. Get super-efficient zoned air conditioning with a ductless system for any space. Treat one room with our single-zone, or multiple from our multi-zone system.

Man Cave

Maintain your ideal comfort level in your personal space, without affecting the temperature of the whole house. Unwind, shoot some pool, or watch the game in total comfort.

She Shed

Make your She-Shed the perfect oasis. Our cooling and heating systems offer personal comfort, healthier air and extreme efficiency so you can kick back, relax and rejuvenate.

A Room Over Garage

Our mini-split heat pumps can easily heat and cool the bonus room over the garage. The independent system can be turned off, or set back, when the room's unused.

Sun Rooms

Enjoy your sunroom all-year-round, even during the dog days of summer with a more efficient and quiet ductless heating and cooling system.

Tiny House

The JP wall-mount unit only uses 115 volts of electricity, making it an ideal system for detached spaces around your home, requiring limited electrical. You can cool or heat the space to your desired temperature and turn the unit off when the space is not in use.

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Single Zone System

Multi Zone System