Why Should I Get My Furnace Serviced Annually?

Grant Mechanical Furnace Repair

Having furnace repairs or an inspection done annually by a professional furnace repair service is necessary to keep your furnace operating the most efficiently. According to warnerservice.com, air conditioners or furnaces that receive regular maintenance last 40% longer, yet only 42% of homeowners call a furnace repair service or air conditioner repair service for routine maintenance. There are many reasons to hire a furnace technician, but let’s look at the five most popular reasons below for getting your furnace serviced annually.

1. Avoid Dirty Filters
Over time the filters in your furnace get clogged which will cause your furnace to work harder and eventually break, leading to costly furnace repairs. When getting an annual inspection by a furnace technician, they change the filters to make them more efficient while also checking for potential issues.

2. Prevent Avoidable Expenses
Big and expensive issues always start small. During an annual inspection, a furnace repair technician will carefully inspect every part of your furnace. This is when potential issues are found and can be properly addressed before an expensive repair is needed.

3. Reduce Your Bills
With the cold Michigan winters, we use a lot of heat to stay warm and your energy bills can get costly. By getting your furnace serviced annually, it will run more efficiently and help lower your heating bills.

4. Extended Lifespan
Just like getting regular maintenance on your car increases its lifespan and helps it run better, getting your furnace serviced annually will also increase its lifespan. By avoiding major problems such as cracks and leaks with an annual inspection, there is no need to worry about replacing your furnace prematurely.

5. Protect Your Warranty
A new furnace is expensive, and a cost no homeowner wants to incur. But did you know without an annual inspection, you may be voiding your warranty? If an issue arises with your furnace and you need to make a warranty claim, the manufacturer may deny your claim if you can not show service records that you have been getting regular maintenance done.

Getting your furnace serviced annually is necessary to keep it in good condition. While you may be tempted to do this yourself, furnaces can be dangerous without the proper knowledge of what you are doing, so it is always best to leave it to the furnace professionals.